The Palestine Children's Welfare Fund is an enterprise that was established by a group of individuals whose goals are to improve the living standards of the children of Palestine in the refugee camps inside Palestine. The group aims to provide the children of the refugee camps with better educational opportunities, health facilities and a bright future without violence, hatred and discrimination. The organization has branches and volunteers in more than ten countries and is not connected with any militant or political association of any kind. PCWF works throughout Europe, Canada and the United States and operates its financial and social work from Palestine to ensure that their work is based in the place where it is needed the most to reach the children of Palestine.

The group works in close coordination with the Union of Health Workers Committees in Gaza, an organization that operates Alawda hospital in Gaza, the largest hospital in Gaza, and several other clinics throughout the occupied territories of Palestine. They also work with various civic and social societies, the Union of Health Workers Committees in Gaza and other Palestinian cities to locate and provide sponsors for needy children in the refugee camps of the West Bank and Gaza. The goal is to provide the children with their basic needs such as food, clothing, educational tools and health care regardless or religious affiliation.

The group is a non-political, non-religious enterprise whose aspirations are purely humanitarian and for the purpose of emancipating the children of Palestine and the human rights of the people and children of Palestine. Any and all individuals are welcome to join them and provide a helping hand to the children of Palestine and to give them a hope for a bright future full of promise and opportunities. Their donors and volunteers come from all walks of life and various faiths with the single goal of helping the innocent children of Palestine. Most of their donations come from secular peace groups but they have a large number of Muslim, Christian and Jewish donors and supporters who believe in the just cause of the people of Palestine and the right of the children to live in peace and with dignity.

One hundred percent of the donations and proceeds from the profits of their sales of the items sold on this site go to the children and to the Union of Health Workers Committees in Gaza and other children that they sponsor throughout Palestine. They do not have administrative costs due to the fact that their staff is made up of all volunteers who work out of or their homes or businesses. All the fees for the transfers of the money to Palestine, the credit card charges and other expenses are paid for by private donors who want to ensure that the full amount of donations reach the children. All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt from Middle East Children's Alliance, their financial benefactor or other affiliate groups.