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Convert VCR To DVD For Charity

How to Convert VCR To DVD There are really only a couple of ways to convert VCR to DVD. But if you’re looking for a quick and simple solution, a method that’s free and easy, a VCR-to-DVD option may be the best choice for you. Whether you’re interested in converting your VCR into a home […]


Fundraising Tips

In today’s society, many people are raising money for charitable organisations. In many cases, these organisations rely on fundraising efforts to continue their important work. While some organisations depend on volunteers and unpaid fundraisers, others rely on large sums of corporate donations. If you are thinking about organising a fundraiser, here are some tips for […]

Challenges in distribution of humanitarian aid

Main challenges of humanitarian aid in the 21st century

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard of humanitarian aid and emergency action plans, for example in countries at war or in regions of the world where people lack basic services and must do everything possible to face serious social emergencies. Almost all of us have seen images of humanitarian aid, however, do […]

Humanitarian aid

What is humanitarian aid?

The Idai cyclone is likely to become one of the worst disasters climate of the southern hemisphere , according to experts of the United Nations Organization (UN). According to official information, this natural disaster has caused around 700 fatalities in the three southern African countries through which it has passed: Mozambique , Malawi and Zimbabwe. […]

Students scholarships

Freedom for Five Months

The reality of Palestine becomes a little closer at the University of Malaga thanks to the presence of four students who, until the month of July, carry out a study stay thanks to the Erasmus + k107 project directed by the professor of the Faculty of Education, Javier Barquin . Faris Adel Yousef Namjeddin, Jiana […]