Charities for Children

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The Importance of Charities for Children

You know the saying “children are our future”, right? Well, this saying is very, very true. It will be children that make the world go round and dictate our future. Sadly, there are many, many children around the world that are living in poverty, or may not have access to the resources they need to grow as individuals. For example; did you know that millions and millions of children globally do not have access to clean water and a decent diet? This means that children are dying of preventable illnesses or even starvation. Children’s charities help to rectify this.

In the Western World, we often take vaccinations and medications for granted in keeping certain illnesses at bay. There are diseases that have been effectively wiped out in the Western World, but that may be killing children by the thousands overseas. Malaria is the big one here. Sadly, many governments do not have the resources to provide these vaccinations and medications. This means that it is up to the children’s charities to step in and help children to survive.

Many charities are also delivering education to those that need it the most. This can help children to grow as individuals. Due to the education, these children may also help to improve the future prospects of the country. This is a great thing, because not only will the children be clawing their way out of poverty, but the entire country may do so as well in a few decades.

How are Children’s Charities Funded?

This is going to be dependent on the children’s charity or the organization. Perhaps one of the most influential organizations is that of UNICEF. They have operations in nearly every country in the world. This is because they are part of the UN.

UNICEF will receive the bulk of its funding from the governments that are members of the UN. This means that nearly every single country around the world will donate to UNICEF. This includes the countries that may have children in need. This is because it is often far, far easier for UNICEF to deliver programs to a country than the actual country’s government. The government will just leave everything in the hands of people that understand how these operations work.

Outside of this, there will be plenty of donations from private individuals. There are many, many charities around the world. If you donate to one of these (although, do your research on the best ones to donate to), then this money will be filtered through to the children that need it the most. Even UNICEF will receive a decent amount of funding from private individuals.

In addition to this, a lot of wealthy people may even set up their own charities to make it easier for them to distribute their wealth globally. Often, a lot of these charities will only be funded by just one person.