Improving NGO Support With External Partners

Improving NGO Support With External Partners

Improving NGO service is a big challenge for most NGOs as they are trying to achieve a higher level of professionalism while maintaining their budget. For many NGOs the task is a lot more difficult and much more time consuming than most of us realize. As a result, it is often not possible to get sufficient funds to carry out the desired activities. For these organizations, the solution lies in finding a partner who is willing to finance their NGO services.

Choosing Assistance For An NGO

When you start your search for a new partner for your NGO activities, it is important to note that you do not need to choose the first new partner that you come across. You should be careful in selecting the right partner so that you do not end up in an expensive and difficult situation. When you are choosing a partner for your NGO you will have to determine what sort of activities you want to undertake. You can hire a partner for its expertise in such areas as social work, business management, development, etc. The best partner to be used for your organization’s activities will need to be someone who has a thorough knowledge of the subject and the ability to execute the required plan.

There are two major areas where it is important to find a partner for your NGO activities: first, the ability of your partner to provide adequate resources for your organization; second, the ability of the partner to make your organization’s projects successful. In addition, your partner will also need to possess the experience necessary to make the projects profitable and attractive.

Meeting Requirements

There are several ways in which you can ensure that your new partner for your NGO support activities is able to fulfill both of these requirements. First, you can ask your partner for references from previous projects it has completed. Next, you should ask your partner to provide you with a detailed written project plan. Lastly, you should get recommendations from former NGOs as to the appropriate type of partner.


Once you have chosen your new partner, the responsibility of making sure that it can deliver on your expectations will rest with you. You will need to ensure that the project is developed in a manner that is suitable for your needs and your budget.


One way of ensuring that your chosen provider for your NGO activities is capable of implementing the projects it has undertaken is by seeking references from past projects it has worked on, especially those that have been undertaken in the field of social work. This can help in ascertaining the level of commitment and skills of the company. Furthermore, it can also help in ensuring that your chosen provider has the requisite experience required to implement your project successfully.