Taking A PCR Test In Heathrow Airport – A Helpful Guide

PCR Test in Heathrow

Taking A PCR Test In Heathrow Airport – A Helpful Guide

Although the UK government has eased travel regulations, the majority of travellers going overseas will still be required to undergo a PCR test in Heathrow Airport before departure.

The government has discarded its green and amber listings, leaving just a much reduced red list. Each nation, however, has its own travel restrictions, as well as distinct requirements for individuals who are completely vaccinated.

Some countries, such as Malta, have stringent immunization requirements, while others are more lenient. This greatly complicates things for individuals planning to travel, especially families who must pay for, take, and get test results before departure. Heathrow Airport specifies on its website what travellers must do, with regular updates to keep passengers well informed.

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Is It Necessary For Me To Take A Covid-19 Test Before Travelling Abroad ?

Many nations may need evidence of a negative COVID-19 test within specified departure periods. France, for example, demands evidence of a negative test performed within 24 hours before leaving.

Heathrow has independent test providers that provide the most often requested tests by foreign nations. Passengers must verify the regulations, the type of test required and the timeframe before travelling or risk being denied entry. The regulations also vary based on whether or not the individual has been vaccinated.


What PCR Test in Heathrow Airport Is Offered To Departing Travellers?

Heathrow provides travellers with a variety of private testing alternatives for both arrivals and departures. There are drive-through, park and test, and walk through testing alternatives within the terminal for travellers flying out of the airport.

In the drive-through and terminals, lateral flow testing is also possible. LAMP tests are also available on the terminals, with results available in two hours.

What PCR Tests Are Available For Fully Vaccinated Individuals Arriving At Heathrow Airport?

For fully vaccinated travellers, Heathrow provides a day two PCR test. The airport has a drive-through for arrivals where the tests may be picked up for £69. They may also be obtained at the terminal.

The results of these tests will be available by 10 p.m. the next day. Home tests with results within 24 hours may also be picked up at the drive-through or terminal for £69.

What PCR Testing Options Are Available For Non-vaccinated Travellers At Heathrow Airport?

Anyone coming to the UK who has not been completely immunized must stay at home for 10 days. They must also take a test and submit a negative result three days before travelling to the United Kingdom. They must also schedule a PCR test for day two and day eight.

All of these are available for collection at Heathrow. Heathrow also provides testing with next-day results. There is also a £189 bundle that includes day two, day eight, and test to release.

How Much Does The PCR Test In Heathrow Airport Cost?

Following complaints from the competition watchdog and the tourist sector, the United Kingdom government reduced the cost of Covid tests given by the National Health Service for foreign travel. Here is a list of the prices for the PCR test in Heathrow:

  • Day two tests are £69 at the airport or at home.
  • The cost of the second and eighth tests is £129.
  • The cost of a test to release is £69.
  • The cost of day two, eight, and a test to release the kit is £189.
  • Return to England tests with results available in less than an hour cost £35 each.
  • Return to England tests with a medical expert and findings in two hours cost £39.
  • The cost of the home day two and eight kits is £150.
  • The cost of a test to release a home kit is £104.
  • The cost of a fit to fly departure test is £59.
  • The cost of a lateral flow/rapid antigen test is £35.
  • The terminal’s LAMP tests have a price of £85.
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Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests

The administration has said that it intends to replace the day two PCR test with the less expensive lateral flow testing by the end of October. Passengers from non-red list nations who are fully vaccinated will be able to substitute the day two test, saving them money when they return home.

The government wants to have this system in place by the conclusion of the half-term vacations, but it has yet to be implemented. Heathrow Airport presently provides drive through lateral flow testing. Passengers are advised that this is not currently in place, and more information will be soon available.

Passengers Arriving From A Location On UK’s Red List

Transiting the UK is permitted without having to go through quarantine or complete a day 2 or day 8 test. If you want to enter the United Kingdom, you must first fulfil a required 10-day quarantine period in a Heathrow hotel.