The United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF for short, is one of the largest organizations in the world completely dedicated to improving the welfare of children around the globe.

UNICEF is unique in comparison to many other organizations insofar as the fact that it is part of the United Nations. This means that the bulk of the funding is received from governments around the world. UNICEF also have access to resources and areas that many charities will not have access too. This means that UNICEF can make a huge difference to the world. Due to the unique way in which they are run, many of the donations that do head to dedicated children’s charities are often filtered through to UNICEF where they are able to make better use of the funds.

UNICEF have been responsible for the improvement of lives of children around the world. For example; they have helped to administer vaccines in areas that may not otherwise have had access to these vaccines. They have helped to deliver babies in safe environments. They have also helped on providing access to clean water and quality food. Their work has had such an impact on the planet that they received the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1960s.

Today, UNICEF works closely with the World Health Organisation to help to improve the lives of children on the health front. While UNICEF does focus on ‘larger’ projects for children, the bulk of their work is carried out on the local level. This means that they have put together several projects that help on the community level. This means that it is not uncommon to find UNICEF delivering services directly to the people that they help. This is incredibly rare for charities and similar organizations to do.

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Palestinian Children Welfare

The Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund is an NGO that seeks to help children throughout Palestine. While the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund has been no stranger to controversies due to the area that they carry out their work, they are a reputable organizations. They have helped to educate, clothe, and feed Palestinian children.

That being said, many people do regard there being far, far better organisations to donate your money to if you are looking to help Palestinian Children. This is because the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund is known for having slightly more radical views. If you do want to donate cash, then you can work with UNICEF, and they carry out much the same work that the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund carries out.

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